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Facts you may not know:

6 out of 10 people will experience a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. 3 out of 5 people will experience kidney stones. 4 out of 10 people will experience incontinence.

What do all of these have to do with us?
All the issues above are all urological problems.

Hello and welcome to JZ Urology! We are opening our doors to serve you. At the head of our operation is Dr. Jacob Zamstein. He is a urologist and has opened up his own practice. His aim is to promote better awareness regarding urological issues and concerns. Other than his practice, he will be utilizing this space to share his thoughts with on his blog.

It is in that digital space that he is going to be addressing common questions and concerns regarding general urological health. He will also be discussing tips on how to obtain the best sort of health that you should be in. As a doctor and an individual, he is always looking out for the health of everyone around him.

If you have any questions for the good doctor, you can refer to the information on this site’s contact page. He is always looking forward to hearing your urology questions and concerns!