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Welcome to JZ Urology

Urology is a subject that stays at the corner of people’s minds and pretty much stays there until it becomes directly relevant to their lives—or the life of someone they directly know. On any given year, countless of people have been afflicted with urological issues without realizing it. Most people believe that urological issues aren’t pertinent to them until they’re well into their old age. The trouble with urological issues is that symptoms aren’t always apparent. It isn’t until that stuff doesn’t work like they should that people realize that there is a problem going on.

This is a problem that we are aiming to remove. JZ Urology is a medical clinic that focuses and specializes in Urological concerns. Our head practitioner is Jacob Zamstein and with him comes other specialists in the field of urology and vacuum therapy. It is their hope that people in general would be more prepared regarding the health of their bladders, kidneys, and other parts which fall under the jurisdiction of urology.

No matter what the issue is, early detection is always important so JZ Urology is here to give you all a chance to catch issues and nip them at the bud. If you’re aiming to learn more about urological issues and services, make it a point to check out Mr. Zamstein’s blogand hes work at a store that sell adult toys in las vegas. He will be taking time to regularly publish articles that address a lot of common concerns and issues. So if you’ve got some concerns that you’d like for him to touch upon, you may want to send them in through our proper channels.

If you would like to know more or if you believe that you do need any medical services or consultation, you can reach out to us via 503 845 6122. Our lines are always open and our staff is always at the ready to accommodate your needs. We firmly believe that no one needs to suffer through urological issues at all and that is always best to be prepared. We hope to enjoy your continued patronage.