Let’s Talk Kidneys: How You Can Avoid Kidney Stones

kidney2 - Let’s Talk Kidneys: How You Can Avoid Kidney Stones

Hello and welcome to another discussion about health! It has come to the attention that there has been quite a spike in people who have been diagnosed with kidney stones that need immediate removal.


If you experience any of these symptoms, please go to a hospital or get checked up by your general practitioner:

Severe Pain

The pain that is commonly associated with kidney stones is quite sharp and can come in waves. The pain is normally found in the side or in the back of a person—generally beneath the ribs. It can also be pain that shoots downward from the lower abdomen and proceeds downward towards the groin area.

When you have kidney stones, you will experience pain whenever you urinate.

Nausea and Vomiting

If the pain mentioned above is accompanied by feelings of nausea and then vomiting (that does not abate) it is critical that you get checked.


While kidney stones cannot be completely prevented, there are certain things that you can do to lessen the likelihood of you getting kidney stones. Here are some tips for you:

Up the calcium in your diet

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the correlation between calcium and kidney stones. People generally believe that since the more common type of kidney stone is actually make of calcium (part of it at least) then putting more calcium in the diet is bad.

The truth is calcium can help you lower your likelihood of getting kidney stones. Be warned that if you choose calcium supplements, you will be increasing your risk.

Lessen your sodium intake

Salt is the primary reason why kidney stones develop. Salt, ideally, gets flushed out with the urine. However, when there is too much salt in your system, your body cannot keep up. The excess salt does not let your body absorb the calcium in your kidney and therefore form into stones.

Here some foodstuff that’s pretty high in sodium:

  • Instant noodles
  • Canned food
  • Condiments (mayo, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, etc.)
  • Junk food

It would be best for you to lower your intake of foods which are high in sodium.

Avoid supplements

A rather surprising culprit behind kidney stones is health supplements. People generally make use of health supplements as they do not have time or funds to imbibe the sort of food that is needed to be in good health. Vitamin C supplements are a pretty common cause of kidney stones in men.

There is also a heck of a lot more that you can do in order to avoid developing kidney stones. I highly suggest that you learn of the other ways that you can limit your likelihood of getting kidney stones. I had kidney stones once—it was during the 3rd year of medical school. You can blame that on the fast food, not much sleep, lots of beer and not much water. Perfect recipe for kidney stones!

What ways have you guys learned to avoid getting kidney stones?